Thursday, August 30, 2012

Melted Crayons

   If you're a fan of Pinterest you've no doubt seen one version or another of melted crayon art. I  thought it was one that my oldest could help me do. They were after all, for her room. I quickly discovered a reluctance to hand over the blow dryer. I got some strange pleasure murdering these perfect little crayons.
   And this was obviously one of those gateway type craft projects. Every week I see a different version of it popping up on Pinterest.
   "Just give me the blow dryer, honey. I'm going to do one with daisies on it!" Kindergartners watch out! Mommy has it in for your art supplies. That right, sit there in the corner eating your glue stick while Mommy melts the good stuff......
   With the amazing talent of me friend Kelisa, Bella and I stamped out our own little corner of the melted crayon craze.
   I got the canvas's at Ben Franklin's and sent them off to Kelsia, along with cute pictures I had found of the Disney Princesses. She did an AMAZING job! I got a few big boxes of crayons and picked out coordinating colors. Since I bought smaller canvass I had to cut down the crayons. Not an easy task. I then hot glue gunned them to the canvas.


   Then the fun begin. I turned on the blow dryer and melted to my hearts content. I like how these turned out.

   I did learn however, that this is not the project for someone like me. You know someone with borderline OCD. They didn't turn out just how I pictured them. No matter what I tried, I couldn't get them to melt just so. And it didn't help that different colors took longer under the heat to melt. Damn you yellow! If you do this I recommend a few trial runs first.
   Another problem. My daughter is a picker. What better revenge for making her take a nap than standing on her train table and picking at my, I mean her, works of art?
   I hope you have better luck, but next time, I think I'll stick to Kelisa's talents and have her paintings be the star.

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